The Instrument

Be listed with blac

I can feel the warmth of your minds eye,
traveling across the belly of my existence,
invading my loneliest spaces,
slowly parting the gates of my resistance.


you play me like a fine Stradivarius,
upon a concert stage, testing and tuning parts,
that have long laid unplucked, high gloss on the body,
tightly wound strings ready to be struck.


each twirl of your baton, brings me to a crescendo
of highs and lows, body straining to hold the last note………
in blissful exhaustion i laid, an instrument,
which you have so beautifully played

Shi ~ Daleth Wrap Top ~ Black (Collabor88)
Shi ~ Tsade Body Cuff ~ Marron (Collabor88)
LWL ~ Angel Gown ~ Black
Ison ~ Lace-up Gladiator Sandals (Collabor88)
EMOtions ~ Hairbase 9 Short ~ Cotton
Finesmith ~ Black Bride Hat ~(Group Gift)
blacLiquid ~ Kaja Earrings
Leezu ~ Miss Tre’s Gloves ~ Mauve
Kyxe ~…

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