About me

I love to blog!  I love fashion, styling, and shopping of course.  I’ve been blogging since May of 2012. It is one of my favorite things to do on Second Life.  I created this blog for my avatar named gig1 resident (call me Sera if you wish) on a virtual world game called Second Life.

My rezz day is May 30, 2011.  When I first arrived, I didn’t get into modeling or blogging right away.  I enjoyed RP’ing (role playing) but I always loved to dress up and style.  At seven months old on SL, I decided to enroll myself in a modeling academy and from there on I knew this is what I would love to do.  I started blogging in Dec. of 2011 using Blogger.  Then I moved over to WordPress in May of 2012.  Since then I’ve blogged for many events and designers.  Besides blogging, I enjoy doing runway shows, print modeling, store modeling, host shows, and writing for an interior design magazine on SL.

Anything more you would like to know, ask away or I’m an IM away (you can search for me by gig1 resident).  I look forward to seeing any comments from you.  Happy blogging!


Stopover in MSP



Passing thru Hong Kong



In San Antonio, Texas by the Riverwalk


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