The Road Warrior

The 14th of July at Noon SLT is the last day to get your last dibs on the exclusive designer pieces for Relay For Life.  100% of the sales goes to Cancer Research.  AND the last day for the L100 sale for Finesmith ends today on the 13th.  Here I paired the RFL exclusive dress by FasterPussyCat – the Urban Nomad dress paired with Finesmith pieces (the Back To Nature and Riri set).  You can mix and match this outfit with different pieces with or without the cape or hood.

Sera wearing the Urban Nomad dress by FasterPussyCat for RFL

FASTERPUSSYCAT – Urban Nomad (exclusive for RFL)

FASTERPUSSYCAT – Silhouette ankle boots in black

FINESMITH – Back To Nature Collar

FINESMITH  – Back To Nature Alp Horn

FINESMITH  – African Summer bracelet

FINESMITH  – Back To Nature Earrings

LAGYO – Crystal Brows in black and gold

EMO-tions – Windblown hair in black

BLACKLIQUID – Orbital nails in gold

LUSH COSMETICS – Lash extensions

LOVELY MI – caoimhe eyeshadow in orange

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FASTERPUSSYCAT – Urban Nomad (exclusive for RFL) with hood on

FASTERPUSSYCAT – Silhouette ankle boots in black

FINESMITH  – Riri inspiration cape

FINESMITH  – Riri inspiration earrings

FINESMITH  – Riri inspiration ring

LAGYO – Crystal Brows in black and gold

BLACKLIQUID – Orbital nails in gold

LUSH COSMETICS – Lash extensions

LOVELY MI – caoimhe eyeshadow in orange

TUTY’S – Juicy hair base

Sera for RFL

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Model / Stylist / Photography:  Gig1 Resident


*VoguE* For Relay For Life

It was very eventful weekend and the BOSL Relay For Life went well without a hitch.  SL top designers came altogether to help support a great cause and raise funds for cancer research.  Each designer provided an exclusive item for the fundraiser and will only be on sale for one week and until they are sold out.  For a list of designers and landmarks, visit the Associated SL Press website here.

Sera in VoguE “Serina” dress for RFL

One of the dresses I got from RFL is by Zalyn Bailey’s creations from VoguE – the Serina dress.  It’s undeniably fierce and eye catching tailored with beautiful details.

BOSL Race For Life July 7, 2012

It was a jammed packed event featuring some of SL top models on the runway.  If you weren’t able to make it, you can visit the auditorium to see some of the vendors here.

BOSL – Race For Life Event July 7, 2012

Sera in VoguE “Serina” dress for RFL


VOGUE – Serina Dress (exclusive for RFL, at Vogue store)

LUSH COSMETICS – Fresh Face stained

MANDALA – Motsumame ring in black/silver

3636 – Riala hair in black

LAQ – Flirty eyelashes

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Model / Stylist / Photography:  Gig1 Resident


Summer Lovin’…

Summer lovin’, had me a blast
Summer lovin’, happened so fast
Met a girl crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be
Summer days drifting away
To, uh oh, those summer nights

(Lyrics from “Grease”)

This song was buzzing in my head as I drove around town in my pink little moped thinking of summer romance.  Like the Hydrangea’s bloom, these loves would last only as long as the warm summer months.

Summer Lovin’

I decided to park and stroll thru the park to people watch and enjoy the nice summer sun beaming against my skin as I plan my busy week ahead of me.  With the weekend just a few days away, I have to plan for some upcoming events in the days to come.

Sera in Amarelo Manga

A playful patterned top like this from Amarelo Manga gives off an energetic, fresh-faced vibe that’s appropriate for any occasion.  Mix it up and you’ll end up with the most alluring sexy-sweet effect.

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Sera in Amarelo Manga

Accessories from LaGyo makes the outfit seem effortless but chic.  Topped off with a rock-candy confection for a ring, matching headband, and earrings to go with it.  The bucket like tote bag from LaGyo polishes any casual outfit making it feel eclectic and fun.


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AMARELO MANGA – floral top and pink skirt

LAGYO – Famous lady ring, headband, and ring

LAGYO – The Apasionado baby bag

LELUTKA – Mischa heels

LAQ – Flirty lashes

BLACKLIQUID – needle black liner

TRUTH – Roma hair in espresso

MANDALA – nails french tips

LUSH LIMITED – fresh face lipstick (sale)

Model / Stylist / Photography:  Gig1 Resident


NEW Ariel Dress from Amarelo Manga

New Ariel mesh dress from Amarelo Manga

Gig1 in Amarelo Manga


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AMARELO MANGA – Summer pumps in green

OSMOSE  – Marquise hair in onyx

LAQ – flirty eyelashes

FINESMITH – Peacock earrings

FINESMITH – Metallic nails

LOOVUS DZEVAVOR – luxe lipstick in creamsicle

WHITE WIDOW – Glace Turquoise blue with eyeshadow

Model, Stylist, Photography by:  Gig1 Resident



If you support equality or know of someone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered and would like to show your support, visit this blog to see why others believe this is so important.

I asked my gay SL cousin Kazuey to take this photo with me for this because this campaign means a lot to me not only SL but in RL too.  I have been active in the Human Rights Campagin (HRC) in RL, volunteered for AIDS walk, and I have also worked in a popular gay owned restaurant in town (where they have drag queen bingo and drag shows!).  I’ve always been surrounded by many gay friends all my life.  I’m such a big faghag and proud of it!  My gay friends have taught me so much, opened my mind to so many things, and showed me how to be strong in times when life beats you down you just  have to pick yourself up and keeping trudging.  I admire them because they are survivors and had to fight all of their lives because of their sexual orientation.  I love those who I feel are a good person deep within no matter what sex, race, gender, hair color, PERIOD.

Why I support Stand4Love

“Love is the big booming beat which covers up the noise of hate”.  ~ Margaret Cho

Me in RL with my gay friends


Paris Metro Couture

For Mimmi Boa’s Modeling Academy Graduation, Paris Metro Couture gave us these beautiful dresses and a bathing suit to wear for our graduation walk this Sunday.  And special thanks to Morgane Batiste for her wonderful poses.  MBMA Graduation is this Sunday, June 17, 2012 at the BeStyle District at 2p.m. SLT –> SLURL

Gig1 in Paris Metro Couture “Daisy Dress”

Paris Metro Couture – Daisy Gown

Osmose – Hibiscus hair in umber

Purple Moon – Frozen Dew bracelet, earrings, & necklace

MONS – lipstick dominant in pink

blackLiquid – nails in orbital cabaret

N-Core – Emporium heels in pink

Redgraves – Elemental eyelashes

LpD – “Kate” skin in natural

Gig1 in Paris Metro Couture “Sorbet Tulip”

Paris Metro Couture – Sorbet Tulip dress with gloves and hat

EMO-tions – Anna hair in black

Finesmith – Hermosa Espina Shena MVW earrings

N-Core – Pin up Extreme heels in gold

blackLiquid – Bisque lip gloss

blackLiquid – cyan glitter shadow

Redgrave – Elemental eyelashes

LpD – “Kate” skin in natural

Gig1 in Paris Metro Couture in “Beaded Bikini” in hot pink

Paris Metro Couture – Beaded Bikini in hot pink with Fuschia sunglasses

Osmose – Lanna hair in umber

Osmose – Rouge roses hat for hair

Osmose – hibiscus ring

Eshi Otawara – Hana diamond earrings

Aleida – karen wedge shoes in poppy red

blackLiquid – orbital vixen nails

blackLiquid – Eire Caoimhe eyeshadow

blackLiquid – just gloss lipstick

LpD – “Kate” skin in natural

Model, Stylist, & Photography by: Gig1 Resident


Mirror’s Enigma: Acedia Skin

The Color Block Fair is going on right now until June 16, 2012.  Designers: Gloxx, Chloe, Mirror’s Enigma, Sweet Distractions, Ex, Celestinas, Censored, Exclusivy, Avale, Le Primitif, Essencial, Indyra Originals, Wow Skins, Bad Romance, Essencial, Sassy!, Edelfabrik, Lush Limited, Avisage, Shine and many more.

Gig1 Resident For Mirror’s Enigma “Acedia” Skin in Olive skintone

Come check out the Color Blocking Fair inworld:

For more info on the fair or if you are interested in blogging for the fair:

To see more of these skins from Mirror’s Enigma, visit my Flickr:

 Featured in these two pics, are the new “Acedia” skins (Olive skintone) from Mirror’s Enigma which is exclusive for the Color Block Fair 2012.  There is a light pack, sunkissed, and olive skintone pack available for L400.  Come to the fair to try out the demos.

Gig1 Resident For Mirror’s Enigma “Acedia” Skin in Olive skintone


Mirror’s Enigma – Acedia skin in Olive skintone “Nude pack”

Shag – Love is a battlefield hair in darkblonde

Erratic – earrings and bracelet with color change

blackLiquid – just gloss lipstick

R.icielli – Carmelia pumps in cream

Mandala – Nails

Model & Photography: Gig1 Resident