Vero Modero For Masai Mara: The Solidarity Store

Vero Modero brings you exclusive gowns for Masai Mara: The Solidarity Store.  Visit inworld and help show your support for a charitable event here.

Vero Modero for Masai Mara

S T Y L E C A R D:

VERO MODERO: Saharan set with african tourban (exclusive for Masai Mara) | POSESION – Poses (exclusive for Masai Mara) | blackLiquid – Glow Shadow in pink, blood sheer shimmer lip gloss | Le Roi d’Ys – bracelet and necklace in gold (from vintage fair) | FAB PONY – cheetah nails | GAELINE CREATIONS – Flat mesh barefeet | S H I – hair base

Vero Modero for Masai Mara

VERO MODERO: Exclusive dress for Masai Mara | blackLiquid – Orbital bangles in silver | THE MUSE – Poses exclusive for Masai Mara | MONS – black eyeliner | blackLiquid – orbital silver nails | blackLiquid – Nubia earrings | blackLiquid – Winehouse piercing, brow 4 in brown, lip line, glow shadow rose smoke (new!) | VANITY HAIR – Manish Plain Colours (tourban)

Sera in Vero Modero for Masai Mara

Photography by:  Mhik Eiren