Style Rules Are Made To Be Broken


Black and brown? White after Labor Day? Miniskirts after 30? Yes, yes, and yes! The thing about style is that it’s art, and art is impossible to define. Not having rules or formulas to follow can make getting dressed frustrating. But try thinking of it this way: no rules means ultimate freedom. Dare to break every rule in the book and find your own set of style rules to live by

S T Y L E C A R D:

*VoguE* Lizbeth Mesh Pants (New)
*VoguE*  Lizbeth Mesh Shirt (New)
[ChicZafari] – Stilleto Velvet Couture [Snow BASIC] (New)
Clawtooth: That Pretty Lady – Strawberry cream Hair
blackLiquid MAKEUP – berry blast sheer shimer 1
.Pekka. Dark Makeup – Eyeliner
blackLiquid MAKEUP – glow shaddow rose smoke 1
blackLiquid BROW 3 (brown)
:::LP::: Tala_Bracelet – Gold (Chapter Four Event)
Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
Slink  Avatar Enhancement Hands – Flat
Slink  Female Feet (AvEnhance)



Model/Stylist/Blogger/Photography by: Sera Ginger Tokyoska (gig1)




Little Pretty Things



If you’re an avid blogger like me then you know how it is when trying to find the right accessories to finish off an outfit to blog.  You want to blog it right away before everyone does or better yet find something new that no one has is even more exciting.  May it be bags, shoes, or jewelry – the right touches to a drab outfit can turn it into something a bit more glam.  Anyone can put on a dress, but it’s the accessories that make the outfit!

Jewelry & Accessory Expo Ad 2 (Rectangle)

It’s all about details, details, details!  Jewelry and accessories are truly something for everyone.  This coming Dec. 6-21, 2013, Siren Productions is putting on a “Jewelry and Accessories Expo”.  There will be 12 shows showcasing an eclectic group of Jewelry Designers.  Everything from Finesmith, Violator, Zibska, Maxi Gossamer, Gabriel, Energie, Pure Poison, Amarelo Manga, and many more to name a few.

One of the new Jewelry Designs I wanted to show you is the “Ice Bloom” jewelry set by Baubles!  Jewelry Designer, Phedre Rexie, has designed some unique and exciting jewelry for this spectacular event.  I will keep you posted on the upcoming “Jewelry and Accessories Expo” event with more jewelry designers to come.  Until next time!



(click on highlighted links to take you directly to stores inworld)

S T Y L E C A R D:

DESIR – Selena Dress (New group gift)
[LeLutka]-SERENA Hair- Marilyn
Baubles! by Phe IceBloomEarrings (Exclusive for the Jewelry and Accessories Expo)
Baubles! by Phe IceBloomNecklace (Exclusive for the Jewelry and Accessories Expo)
Baubles! by Phe IceBloomRing (Exclusive for the Jewelry and Accessories Expo)
blackLiquid NAILS – SLink AE – boroque nails (New)
.Pekka. Eyeliner #5
.Pekka. CANDY Lipstick (1)
Slink (AvEnhance) Ankle Blender R18
[ChicZafari] – Brush [Clear Version] 03 (New)
blackLiquid BROW 3 (brown)
Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
KoiKoi Perfetti Pumps (New at Shoetopia 2013)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Flat
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance)


Model/Stylist/Blogger/Photographer: Sera Ginger Tokyoska (gig1)



Unusual Suspects

Just pray that you don’t stand out in the lineup and get picked in one of these new “Lena” mesh jumpsuits by Blueberry Colors United.

Gig1 in Blueberry United Colors “Lena” Mesh jumpsuit

These all-in-one jumpsuits were a mega hit in the 70’s and 80’s and have made a comeback. They are so versatile, stylish, and trendy.  So what are you waiting for? Get one for you too at BLUEBERRY COLORS UNITED.

Model & Photography: Gig1


When In Doubt: A Mini Dress

These new mini dresses from Amarelo Manga are great for any occasion.  Dress it up, down, however you like.  Throw on a leather jacket or add some funky tights with designs to give it a bit of that rocker look.

Amarelo Manga - Suelo dress

Set the night on fire by showing off those dangerous curves with this sequined suelen dress from Amarelo Manga.  To visit Amarelo Manga inworld, click here.
Amarelo Manga - Sequins Suelen dress

Model & Photographer: Gig1 Resident

First Photo:

Amarelo Manga – Suelen dress

Opium – Mesh biker jacket

Nardcotix – Shana Pumps Origami Special Edition

Izzie’s – zigzag tights

Maitreya – Alex hair in Cacao

Loovus  Dzevavor – creamsicle luxe lipstick

Mandala – dog tag necklace

Second Photo:

Amarelo Manga – Sequin Suelen dress

Finesmith – Shantal headpiece and ring

N-Core – PINUP heels in gold

Maitreya – Lara hair in Bistre

Loovus  Dzevavor – creamsicle luxe lipstick


The Attic@The Deck

The Attic @ The Deck opened up last night with some great deals.  I had heard about it on Flickr because I wanted the WinxBox Artist Studio and when I showed up there they weren’t open yet.  But Whimsy and Sasy was nice enough to let me in and be their first customer and I had a good start on the sales-everything was for L95.  They had everything from poses, hair, skins, clothes, and accessories from various designers on SL.

Gig1 for The Attic@TheDeck

    • WinxBox – Artist Studio
    • “Lea” skin in milk by .ploom
    • “Aria” hair in monotone by .ploom
    •  DCNY lace up dress in Mint

(Thank you Whimsy & Sasy!)