All The Right Moves



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S T Y L E C A R D:

Countdown – Kate Mesh Corset, Stockings, and Panties
Countdown– Lana Make-up Red Line
.: ryvolter :. Mink Princess Stole – Champagne
blackLiquidNAILS – SLink AE – fall floral nails
SLinkAvatar Enhancement Hands – Flat
[LeLutka]-MAGDALEN hair – Toast
blackLiquidMAKEUP – kabuki red matte
blackLiquidBROW 3 (brown)
-Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.05
:+*R*+: Le Roi d’Ys Necklace Gold
Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
LaGyo_Aiko earring

Pose by Ozi


Model/Stylist/Blogger/Photographer: Sera Ginger Tokyoska (gig1)



Femme Fatale: Cora Pearl

  For the Fashion Teller “Femme Fatale” contest, I chose this beautiful “Constance” pink gown from PIPINS to play out my character as the infamous Parisian courtesan of the 19th century – Cora Pearl.  A courtesan is someone who attends to court of a monarch or of someone in power.  In those times, it was customary for people to marry to preserve bloodlines or to secure political alliances.  So it was customary for those to seek companionship in a courtesan.

  A courtesan was trained to be an intellectual and skilled at conversation in art, music, and politics.  They were often were also skilled artists or performers.  It was usually their wit, beauty, intelligence, and companionship that sets them apart from the average women.  In exchange, these women received status and luxuries.

  Born as Emma Elizabeth Crouch in 1835, when she moved to Paris from London she changed her name to Cora Pearl when she embarked on a theatrical career.  From there she met some of the wealthiest and powerful men in France.  She used her beauty and wit to get what she wanted.  She lived an adventurous life met short by tragedy.  Even though she lived on the fast lane, with no apologies or regrets, she died very young in 1886.  Cora Pearl was a fine example of a Femme Fatale back in her heyday.

Gig1 Resident in PIPINS “Constance” pink dress

S T Y L E C A R D:

PIPINS – Constance pink gown

 MADRID SOLO – Starry starry night blush

MADRID SOLO – Vixen eyeshadow 12

MADRID SOLO – Soft kisses 2 lipstick

ATOMIC DOLL – Vamp eyelashes

FINESMITH – Riri fog earrings and ring

3636 – Zephorah hair in brown

LpD – Kate skin in natural

Photography credit: Mahyeri

Model/Stylist by:  Gig1 Resident


Solo Evane Mix And Match Contest 2012

Solo Evane mix n match styling contest 2012- Gig1 Resident

Gizza – Twisted top in black

Gizza – Yula inspiration Petals on top

LpD – The Last Rose Dress in black

Solidea Folies – Optical Square hat

Blacklace – Delectable vintage blush lace garter/stockings

Chop Zuey: – LW The Great Healer Ring – Arpeggio Earrings – Symphonie Fanastique necklace in Silver – Grace Notes bracelet

LpD – “Kate” skin in natural

Model, Stylist:  Gig1 Resident

Photography: Daron Brandeis


Paris Metro Couture

For Mimmi Boa’s Modeling Academy Graduation, Paris Metro Couture gave us these beautiful dresses and a bathing suit to wear for our graduation walk this Sunday.  And special thanks to Morgane Batiste for her wonderful poses.  MBMA Graduation is this Sunday, June 17, 2012 at the BeStyle District at 2p.m. SLT –> SLURL

Gig1 in Paris Metro Couture “Daisy Dress”

Paris Metro Couture – Daisy Gown

Osmose – Hibiscus hair in umber

Purple Moon – Frozen Dew bracelet, earrings, & necklace

MONS – lipstick dominant in pink

blackLiquid – nails in orbital cabaret

N-Core – Emporium heels in pink

Redgraves – Elemental eyelashes

LpD – “Kate” skin in natural

Gig1 in Paris Metro Couture “Sorbet Tulip”

Paris Metro Couture – Sorbet Tulip dress with gloves and hat

EMO-tions – Anna hair in black

Finesmith – Hermosa Espina Shena MVW earrings

N-Core – Pin up Extreme heels in gold

blackLiquid – Bisque lip gloss

blackLiquid – cyan glitter shadow

Redgrave – Elemental eyelashes

LpD – “Kate” skin in natural

Gig1 in Paris Metro Couture in “Beaded Bikini” in hot pink

Paris Metro Couture – Beaded Bikini in hot pink with Fuschia sunglasses

Osmose – Lanna hair in umber

Osmose – Rouge roses hat for hair

Osmose – hibiscus ring

Eshi Otawara – Hana diamond earrings

Aleida – karen wedge shoes in poppy red

blackLiquid – orbital vixen nails

blackLiquid – Eire Caoimhe eyeshadow

blackLiquid – just gloss lipstick

LpD – “Kate” skin in natural

Model, Stylist, & Photography by: Gig1 Resident