My SL Age – Wonderful Twos

My SL Age -Wonderful Two’s

May 30, 2011

2 years2

My different looks thru the past two years

I just turned two on SL on May 30, 2013 and decided to enter this new monthly contest, “Name Your SL Age Blogger Challenge” on flickr. I named my two years on SL, “Wonderful Two’s”, because it’s been a roller coaster ride.  I had seen Second Life on tv once and that had gotten my curiosity because I had played the game SIMS, and I thought it would be similar.  My old computer graphics couldn’t handle SL so I didn’t get to download it until May 30, 2011 when I got a new laptop.  That first day on SL I ended up staying on SL all night and I did not sleep. I had so much fun, I felt like a kid in Disneyland. I met so many interesting people at the Safe Hubs, flying around, and exploring all the sims. I was curious about everything. I explored the sims with my wings on and with my unicorn. I’m such a dork but I didn’t care, I was having fun.  I didn’t know the meaning of “noob” then but I’m sure I was. LOL


Me exploring SL on my first month in SL.


At the Safe Hub. Here I tried to make my avie look like Bettie Paige

Someone had given me a LM of a freebie place where I went to try on skins, shapes, and clothes. I had no idea on how to try them on until a stranger came by to help me and I learned quick after that. All I knew was marketplace until my friend Shrug Dangle showed me all of these wonderful shops on SL.  I went thru so many shapes, skins, hair, and clothing styles.  That first month on SL, I had reached my limit on spending money because SL said I had to wait till I’m over one month old to have my spending limit raised.


My first home at 1.5 month old on SL. Photo by Shrug Dangle

My second month on SL, I joined Hells Angels MC (motor club) on SL. I learned how to ride and shoot guns.  I have a big collection of bikes, cars, and weapons. I had a blast shooting zombies and going to concerts on SL. At this time my inventory clothes consisted mostly leather or biker wear. The MC had a strict dress code and I couldn’t wear a dress or heels.  I must have ruined a lot of things in my inventory then because I was experimenting with resizing and editing.


Me on my custom made Red Betty at Motorworld

I did the MC for three months then I met a friendly Neko at a club, who became my SL brother. Venom took me away to an RP (roleplay) sim called “Menora”. It is the home of fans of the anime, “Naruto”, where we RP’d and did combat with C:SX hud and jutsus.  I’ve met some of my closest friends here and realized the meaning of family on SL.


At the Ninja Academy in Menora “Naruto” sim

Sound @ Blue wave 2011-11-13

With the gang from Sound village, where I was a chuunin in Uchiha Clan

My friend Summer Deadlight invited me to my first fashion show on SL, Modavia Fashion Week in Sept. 2011. I knew right then and there that this is what I wanted to do and enrolled in my first modeling school at Costa Rica Sims in Oct. of 2011 and the rest was history. That’s my “Wonderful Two’s” in a nutshell.


Photo by Hillany Schofield. I’m wearing Dot-Be Fashion and Boudoir


Model/Stylist/Blogger/Photographer: Sera Ginger Tokyoska (gig1)



Happy Humpday!

Snapshot_001 copy

Newness from ChicZafari, XIAJ, and Vanity Hair

Happy Humpday!  And no it’s not about sex!  It’s middle of the work week, implying you have to get over the hump before you can anticipate the weekend.  I’m at home sick from work, so I’m staying in some comfy clothes like these new “Jumper Bat prints” from ChicZafari. Joyaranda made these awesome prints that brings out the comic book kid in me and makes me feel a lot cheerier. I’m also loving the new claw nails from ChicZafari, it comes in so many designs.  Details is everything!

Another new designer that designs for men and some unisex designs is Superjaix of XIAJ.  He was featured during Menswear Fashion Week.  I first noticed him on his Flickr and loved his unique looks.  Check him out on marketplace or his mainstore inworld that just recently opened.  Until next time, happy shopping!

S T Y L E C A R D:

ChicZafari – Jumper Bat Prints mesh sweatshirt (NEW)

ChicZafari – Anna Shades in black (NEW)

ChicZafari – Chanel Claws (NEW)

XIAJ – Black Capris (NEW)

Vanity Hair – Marshmallow in dirty blonde (NEW)

Gaeline Creations – Mesh bare flat feet (marketplace)


Model/Stylist/Blogger/Photographer:  Sera Ginger Tokyoska (gig1)



blackLiquid Blogger/Photo Competition

blackLiquid photographer competition

Want to represent blackLiquid as a blogger? blackLiquid is hosting it’s very first blogger/photo competition!

*name your entry “blackLiquid blogger comp 2013 – your name (as it is in SL no nicknames)
*image must be added to”>
*you must be wearing at least 3 blackLiquid products
*image must be 2048wide by 1024high
*be creative
*high quality image & details blogged with a link to the blog post
*name & link to your blog
*places you are syndicated
*why you want to blog for blackLiquid
*entries must be submitted before May 1st

*entry into the official bloggers group
*all blackLiquid new releases, pre releases & exclusives
*the chance to model for blackLiquid vendors & magazine ads
*the chance for your artwork to be displayed in store



R&R Is A Must

This month for me have been quite hectic for me both RL and SL and sometimes I have to remind myself to just walk away from the keyboard from time to time and step outside.  I was in need of some rest and relaxation.  I kinda felt like I was neglecting my blog for a week but coming back from a long weekend of celebrating gay pride in Denver with friends in RL and having a blast as always, its good to be back feeling refreshed and anew despite the horrible hangover on Monday.

Ggi1 in Blueberry Colors United Ella mesh dress in pink and Mirror’s Enigma new skin “Scordia V2”

Gig1 in Blueberry Colors United Ella mesh dress in beige and Mirror’s Enigma new skin “Scordia V2”

Blueberry Colors United came out with these new cute mesh “Ella” dresses which comes in various colors – yellow, beige, blue, pink, black, purple, orange, green, and in red.  Demos are available in store for you to try on different sizes and must have an enabled mesh viewer.  I find that most mesh outfits are quite expensive in price but if you are a bargain shopper like me, you’ll find lots of good deals here at Blueberry Colors United.

Gig1 in Mirror’s Enigma new skin “Scordia V2” tan skintone

In these photos I am sporting the new skin line from Mirror’s Enigma called “Scordia V2”. I left the pictures un-photoshopped so you can see how beautiful these skins are made.  Mirror’s Enigma is a new skin store that just opened up in January of 2012.  At the store you can also find the new makeup line.  To try on the demos, visit the store here.

Gig1 in Mirror’s Enigma new skin “Scordia V2” tan skintone

Blueberry Colors United – Ella Mesh dress in Pink and in Beige  (NEW!)

Mirror’s Enigma – Scordia V2 Tan skintone, Glamour w/CL (NEW!)

Morgane Batiste – Poses

Maitreya – Siobhan hair with hat (top 2 photos), Lara hair (botom 2 photos)

Finesmith – Hermosa Espina necklace and earrings in white

GOS – espadrilles shoes in sand

Je Suis – Insouciant bag in black

Finesmith – nails in solid white

Model, Stylist, & Photography by: Gig1 Resident



If you support equality or know of someone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered and would like to show your support, visit this blog to see why others believe this is so important.

I asked my gay SL cousin Kazuey to take this photo with me for this because this campaign means a lot to me not only SL but in RL too.  I have been active in the Human Rights Campagin (HRC) in RL, volunteered for AIDS walk, and I have also worked in a popular gay owned restaurant in town (where they have drag queen bingo and drag shows!).  I’ve always been surrounded by many gay friends all my life.  I’m such a big faghag and proud of it!  My gay friends have taught me so much, opened my mind to so many things, and showed me how to be strong in times when life beats you down you just  have to pick yourself up and keeping trudging.  I admire them because they are survivors and had to fight all of their lives because of their sexual orientation.  I love those who I feel are a good person deep within no matter what sex, race, gender, hair color, PERIOD.

Why I support Stand4Love

“Love is the big booming beat which covers up the noise of hate”.  ~ Margaret Cho

Me in RL with my gay friends


Solo Evane Mix And Match Contest 2012

Solo Evane mix n match styling contest 2012- Gig1 Resident

Gizza – Twisted top in black

Gizza – Yula inspiration Petals on top

LpD – The Last Rose Dress in black

Solidea Folies – Optical Square hat

Blacklace – Delectable vintage blush lace garter/stockings

Chop Zuey: – LW The Great Healer Ring – Arpeggio Earrings – Symphonie Fanastique necklace in Silver – Grace Notes bracelet

LpD – “Kate” skin in natural

Model, Stylist:  Gig1 Resident

Photography: Daron Brandeis



 This is a beautiful dress with hat made by Charltina called “Flutter me2” that makes me feel like a Spanish rose come alive a la Flamenco flair.

Charltina – Charltina’s flutter me2 dress with hat (on sale for L199)
Eshi Otawara – eastern star black necklace, earrings, ring, and tears (on sale!)
Low Industries – black lace gloves
Nardcotix – mana miranda wedge shoes in red
blackliquid blood matte lipstick

Model, Stylist, & Photography by: Gig1 Resident