Hafa Adai!

DESIR Sera Guam Costume Poster

Hafa Adai (pronounced HALF A DAY) is “Hello” in Chamorro, the native language of Guam and the islands of the Northern Marianas.  Guam is the largest island in Micronesia and one of the U.S. territories.

One of my favorite designers, Vivien Emerald of DESIR, designed this beautiful, tropical gown for me.  I was born in Guam so hence the name 🙂  Guam is well known for its scuba diving and scenic beaches, which can be seen in this gown with the coral reef and tropical rain.  At DESIR, you can find unique cultural gowns or formal dresses for any occasion.

Visit DESIR mainstore inworld.



Photo by Vivien Emerald of DESIR

Model/Stylist/Blogger:  Sera Ginger Tokyoska (gig1)



3 thoughts on “Hafa Adai!

  1. In your photos I like the one of the girl in the lavender outfit and lips. Creative and hey, I can see a likeness with you! Very nice.

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