A Mad Tea Party


JLB New “Wonderland” Sweaters for both men and women

I adore wearing oversized sweaters.  Even if it’s your boyfriend’s sweater, it’s all about looking comfy and not into feeling too “buttoned up” so to speak.  These new “Wonderland” sweaters from JLB is to die for.  These sweaters make a statement with all the fun designs from Mad Hatter, White Queen, the Red Queen, Alice, and all the characters from the story, “Alice In Wonderland”.  Now available for both men and women so you can match with your man, and it and comes in 5 sizes and 5 designs.


JLB Apparel


S T Y L E C A R D:

Sera – JLB “Wonderland” sweater – White Queen

Hair by Boon – BAB853 in blonde

Dawson –JLB “Wonderland” Sweater – Mad Hatter

JLB –  Apparel Colored Denim Jeans

Hair – booN LCA518 hair black


Photographer: Asia Rae

Model/Stylist/Blogger: Sera Ginger Tokyoska (gig1) and Dawson Wylder



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