West End Girls


Loovus Dzevavor “Diva Peek” dress in zest

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S T Y L E C A R D:

New from Loovus Dzevavor: Diva Peek Dress Zest | *LODE* Hat – Glitter Rose | Cliche heels – Citta in white |*Alice Project* Lynn – Infinity | Countdown.Lana Make-up Red Line | blackLiquid BROW 3 (brown) | MONS – black eyeliner series-9| Madrid Solo Royal Red lipstick | blackLiquid NAILS – orbital sodalite | -Glam Affair- Natural Lashes | Pose by PosESion

Sim location: Small Town Of Green


Model/Stylist/Blogger/Photographer: Sera Ginger Tokyoska (gig1)



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