an chailín álainn

Greta_2_SolideaResearch on domestic violence in Europe indicates that every day, one woman in five is a victim of domestic abuse.

2Lei. A voice for those who will not speak for themselves. The family is often equated with sanctuary. A safe place where individuals seek love, safety and shelter. But evidence shows it is also a place that imperils lives and breeds some of the most drastic forms of violence perpetrated against women. “The Network Women’s Program” reports that a survey of 1,000 women in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan found that over 89% had been abused by husbands, intimate partners, children or relatives. Estonia 29-52%, Poland 25%, the United States 22%. These are not random women, these are wives, sisters, cousins, neighbors. Women you pass in your daily life who have given up their voice, given up their hope. Let’s do the right thing, lets speak for them.


Between November 19th and 25th…

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