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Can you imagine a world devoid of color? Color is life itself! When we dream, we dream in color. Wherever your eyes deems to light upon, you see your world in amazing vibrant color. The days of when movies were just black and white…the creative minds of that day, didn’t stop until they could deliver the cinema experience…. in color! I present to you, Pickled Ginger. As with real food, Pickled Ginger is used to enhance the food experence…this incredible creation, Pickled Ginger, gives your eyes something truly worthy of feasting upon! This red and bold design comes from the phenomenal creative mind of blackLiquid. A very unique dress to say the least. The dress has red appendages that attaches to the skirt and sleeves and floats around you as you walk…such a dream to behold! The audacious color of red will bring you to life when you wear it…

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