Show Shack From Violator

I was glad to hear that Violator came out with some new stuff and had to rush over to see what was in store.  The new outfits there come complete with hair, makeup, and shoes with the clothes like this “Show Shack” in silver/grey from Violator.  The helmet hair comes with it but you can also get it alone, same with the makeup.  And the umbrella is a free gift at the store.  It’s a fun outfit if you’re into roleplay or just want something out of the ordinary. It is definately a show stopper and great details from head to toe.

Violator – Show Hack in Silver/grey

Sera in Violator “Show Hack” outfit


S T Y L E C A R D:


Violator-Show Hack-Light Grey Silver-Shirt, Pants, Jacket, Gloves White, Cape, Earrings, Riding Crop, Boots

Violator – I See You II-Eyelashes-Black

Violator-I See You II-Make Up-Black

Violator -Make My Day-Umbrella- free gift

Violator-Show Hack-Light Grey Silver-Cape Shoulder

Violator-Show Hack-Light Grey Silver-Hair Helmet

Eyeshadow from MONS – eyeshadow sexy (cream1)

Lipstick by blackLiquid – kabuki red matte

Eyelashes from *REDGRAVE*-31- ExtraLong



Photography/Model/Stylist: Me



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