London’s Calling

Maniera had paid tribute to British designer, Vivienne Westwood, known for her punk rock and new wave fashions.  Growing up in the new wave era, watching MTV and listening on my cassette tapes of Elvis Costello, The Clash, The Cure, The Ramones, New Order, Adam Ant – music and fashion heavily influenced each other in so many ways.  It was a time when men wore eyeliner, women wore their lingerie on the outside, doc martens were paired with ripped fishnet stockings, and people colored their hair every shade of the rainbow.  It was more than a fashion statement but a rebellion to everyday norms.  Vivienne Westwood pushed the boundaries of fashion.  Her designs incorporated bikers, fetishists, and scottish designs of the tartan fabric making her unique and explosive.

“I love this city and its culture. I want to encourage people to love art and believe that culture can save the world. Culture is about people’s outlook on the world and along with art, is the anchor that holds us together as a people and gives life greater meaning.” ~Vivienne Westwood~

Sera in Sex Pistols Great Britain Flag corset dress

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SEX PISTOLS – Great Britain Flag Dress

LUSH LIMITED – Bull nose ring

LUSH LIMITED – Jingles earrings

LUSH LIMITED – Impale hair westwood edition

LAQ – Flirty eyelashes

LUSH COSMETICS – fresh faced stained lipstick

CORPUS – Poses

(Dress and Jewelry can be found inworld here in Maniera)

Model / Stylist / Photography:  Gig1 Resident


5 thoughts on “London’s Calling

  1. I remember buying T-shirts and stockings and putting rips in them. My mother would get so angry . She really wasnt crazy about her daughter going around wearing one of her bras as outter wear! those were the days!!! Great post really enjoyed it.

  2. Awesome post Sera! OHHH how I remember those days well! The day I returned home fresh from the hair salon with only half a head of hair, I thought my father was going to come unglued! Still have my favorite pair of Doc’s in the closet 😛

    • It was such a rebllious era…I had about five body piercings and would stain my bathtub coz I would dye my hair with manic panic every week lol I don’t think I could get away with all that now especially my rl job wouldn’t approve of it but I’m glad I got to experience it all. Fun times!!

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