Cubism And Dot-BE Fashion

Dot-BE Fashion came out with these new abstract style “Cubism” pants with corset and matching sneakers for women and another style for men.  Cubism was the first abstract style of modern art invented in the early 20th century by artists, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, which challenged conventional forms of the modern age.  Cubism influence can also be found in todays architecture, sculpture, and now fashion.  To visit the store inworld, click here.

Gig1 for Dot-BE Fashion “Cubism” Pants

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DOT-BE FASHION – Cubism pants, corset, and sneakers

KMADD – Jesse hair in dark blonde

MONS – Indi earrings in gold

LAQ Flirty eyelashes

FINESMITH – nails in solid black

Model, Stylist, Photography by:  Gig1 Resident


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