Phenomena Cyber from AD Creations

I had gotten this outfit from the Fashion For Art event, which was put together by AD Creations Dollhouse designer – Aliza Karu at the Salimar Artist Sim.  I remember taking the pics at  a Star Trek RP sim and everyone kept IMing me if I needed any help. I said no I’m OOC, don’t mind me.  In the RP (roleplay) world, OOC means “out of character” and that basically means you are not RP’ing or just an observer.  I found it quite funny because I was dressed the part for the sim and people are staring at me and wondering what the hell am I doing.  I just let them keep wondering.

Gig1 in AD Creations Dollhouse “Phenomena Cyber” (click on photo to see full view)

That’s the great thing about the RP world, you can be whatever you want and just let your imagination run wild.  When I used to RP on SL, I would always dress up to be in character.  That was the best part!  It puts me in a mood whether it be happy, sad, angry, crazy – your imagination is your limit and most important have fun with it all!

AD CREATIONS DOLLHOUSE (by Aliza Karu)  – Phenomena Cyber in white

VANITY HAIR – BabyDoll in Silver (Group discount L60!)

[sYs] DESIGNS – Titanium ankle boots

Model, Stylist, Photography:  Gig1 Resident


2 thoughts on “Phenomena Cyber from AD Creations

  1. AD Creations Dollhouse is a designer on its own by the talented Aliza Karu. This may be a collaborative outfit with *SoliDea FolieS* and Mila Tatham, but I think for your narrative you probably meant AD Creations. But either way, thank you for blogging both designers! =**** awesome post!

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