R&R Is A Must

This month for me have been quite hectic for me both RL and SL and sometimes I have to remind myself to just walk away from the keyboard from time to time and step outside.  I was in need of some rest and relaxation.  I kinda felt like I was neglecting my blog for a week but coming back from a long weekend of celebrating gay pride in Denver with friends in RL and having a blast as always, its good to be back feeling refreshed and anew despite the horrible hangover on Monday.

Ggi1 in Blueberry Colors United Ella mesh dress in pink and Mirror’s Enigma new skin “Scordia V2”

Gig1 in Blueberry Colors United Ella mesh dress in beige and Mirror’s Enigma new skin “Scordia V2”

Blueberry Colors United came out with these new cute mesh “Ella” dresses which comes in various colors – yellow, beige, blue, pink, black, purple, orange, green, and in red.  Demos are available in store for you to try on different sizes and must have an enabled mesh viewer.  I find that most mesh outfits are quite expensive in price but if you are a bargain shopper like me, you’ll find lots of good deals here at Blueberry Colors United.

Gig1 in Mirror’s Enigma new skin “Scordia V2” tan skintone

In these photos I am sporting the new skin line from Mirror’s Enigma called “Scordia V2”. I left the pictures un-photoshopped so you can see how beautiful these skins are made.  Mirror’s Enigma is a new skin store that just opened up in January of 2012.  At the store you can also find the new makeup line.  To try on the demos, visit the store here.

Gig1 in Mirror’s Enigma new skin “Scordia V2” tan skintone

Blueberry Colors United – Ella Mesh dress in Pink and in Beige  (NEW!)

Mirror’s Enigma – Scordia V2 Tan skintone, Glamour w/CL (NEW!)

Morgane Batiste – Poses

Maitreya – Siobhan hair with hat (top 2 photos), Lara hair (botom 2 photos)

Finesmith – Hermosa Espina necklace and earrings in white

GOS – espadrilles shoes in sand

Je Suis – Insouciant bag in black

Finesmith – nails in solid white

Model, Stylist, & Photography by: Gig1 Resident


4 thoughts on “R&R Is A Must

  1. Yep – I checked my transaction history and she gifted a pair of boots and credited my account for my repurchase (cause I tried again and it failed) So I can continue to get dressed when I return. I logged out in bare feet there! But I had a cool catsuit on! Thanks for the recommendation.

    Lots of eye candy there for me to absorb…as you could tell from how long I was there and still not done. I go in to stores to not only shop, but to look at the fixtures, lights, shelving, walls, and furniture…never know what will spark a new idea, like that billboard! I will be making one of those!

    • wow thats so nice of her! most designers don’t care if you had double purchased their items and will not credit you but I am glad you got it right away. [sYs] Designs is one of my favorite stores and they give some of the most amazing shows on sl too. You’ll also love Solidea Folies Salimar sim since I know you are a builder. They are amazing builders and very creative designers as well.

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