If you support equality or know of someone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered and would like to show your support, visit this blog to see why others believe this is so important.

I asked my gay SL cousin Kazuey to take this photo with me for this because this campaign means a lot to me not only SL but in RL too.  I have been active in the Human Rights Campagin (HRC) in RL, volunteered for AIDS walk, and I have also worked in a popular gay owned restaurant in town (where they have drag queen bingo and drag shows!).  I’ve always been surrounded by many gay friends all my life.  I’m such a big faghag and proud of it!  My gay friends have taught me so much, opened my mind to so many things, and showed me how to be strong in times when life beats you down you just  have to pick yourself up and keeping trudging.  I admire them because they are survivors and had to fight all of their lives because of their sexual orientation.  I love those who I feel are a good person deep within no matter what sex, race, gender, hair color, PERIOD.

Why I support Stand4Love

“Love is the big booming beat which covers up the noise of hate”.  ~ Margaret Cho

Me in RL with my gay friends


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