Feeling Green

In College, I used to intern at a small Advertising firm as a web programmer and I remember how colors are so important in advertising and web sites because they can evoke so much feelings and emotions in the viewer.  We use colors to express how we are feeling as well.  Colors have such deep subliminal meanings that affect our thinking that we are unaware of at times.  Colors can persuade us to buy something, to feel hungry, feel sadness, happy, or reminince.

The color green is often associated with money.  But it can also be associated with the feeling of being safe and the color of nature.Green also symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, fertility, and has such great healing power.  It is also the most restful color for the human eye.  Green also suggests stability and endurance.  I chose the color green today because it is my one year rezz day on Second Life (/ yay! I made it!).  Not because I’m a greenhorn nor am I sick to the gills!  It’s my rezz day and I’ll wear what I want to!

In the year that I have been on Second Life, I have learned so much, met some wonderful people and not so wonderful people.  I started off as an angel on SL, went off to be a biker girl, a ninja, a mom, and started modeling at five months old on SL.  LOL  That’s what I love about SL – you can be whatever you want and do the things you never dreamed of doing in RL.  The possibilities are infinite. Only your imagination can limit you.  So yes, I chose green today because to me it symbolizes growth and I want everyday on SL to be like it was my first.  And thanks to those who came into my life on here (you know who you are).  It has been a great year indeed, and looking forward to many more!

Lush Limited – Frilly Mesh top in Melon New! (available at Ashraya Project)

Lush Limited – Aztec sandals in kelp New! (available at Ashraya Project)

Amarelo Manga – Mesh jeans MOD/003

Finesmith – Playcube earrings & ring in Forest

LoQ – Capuccino hair

Model & Photography: Gig1 Resident


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