When In Doubt: A Mini Dress

These new mini dresses from Amarelo Manga are great for any occasion.  Dress it up, down, however you like.  Throw on a leather jacket or add some funky tights with designs to give it a bit of that rocker look.

Amarelo Manga - Suelo dress

Set the night on fire by showing off those dangerous curves with this sequined suelen dress from Amarelo Manga.  To visit Amarelo Manga inworld, click here.
Amarelo Manga - Sequins Suelen dress

Model & Photographer: Gig1 Resident

First Photo:

Amarelo Manga – Suelen dress

Opium – Mesh biker jacket

Nardcotix – Shana Pumps Origami Special Edition

Izzie’s – zigzag tights

Maitreya – Alex hair in Cacao

Loovus  Dzevavor – creamsicle luxe lipstick

Mandala – dog tag necklace

Second Photo:

Amarelo Manga – Sequin Suelen dress

Finesmith – Shantal headpiece and ring

N-Core – PINUP heels in gold

Maitreya – Lara hair in Bistre

Loovus  Dzevavor – creamsicle luxe lipstick


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